Women spend their everyday life in various scenes; and majority of that time we hope to make more enjoyable and comfortable

ファッションを楽しむ事を日常の中で大いに感じられる様に・・・。 私たちがつくるデイリーウェアは「めくるめく人生の真っ只中にいる女性たちの

by what they wear ; to help them realize the enjoyment of fashion to the fullest extent on the day-to-day. We believe our casual


wear lie closely to “ women who are in the midst of a dazzling life full of drama”, and to bring continuous happiness to their lives.

であれば、と考えています。 ブルーバードブルバードはデザイナーKIKOが手掛けるクリエイションと考え方によってつくられています。

BLUEBID BOULEVARD is created on the idealistic views and philosophy of designer KIKO.